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U.S. Army aircraft enters territorial air Iran by force to pull alarm of noisy air defence quickly many guide play the ground and rise

Current, middle east is the most confused area on the world, even if epidemic situation has swept across the whole world, but the Syrian civil war that is in middle east area and Yemen civil war still are continueing. To control the oil of the area, . . .


China already was broken through outside army the annihilate of technology of ” of ” shadow spare time from one’s main work to attend to sth else of top-secret 16 or take the lead in using

It is easy to although listen,go up, but want to be hit in three dimensional space ” measure ahead of schedule ” , let target drone ” receive missile ” not easy, the case of finite down target drone, also be thought of relatively as true as target drone enemy plane fight the inadequacy that destroy a gender to concern, in actual combat may not can gain the victory of injure enemy plane. But doctrine of war of this kind of innovation, the unit that still gives equipment new-style missile system is inspired, proportion of point of the buy before developing application guides make a rule, antagonism uses the research of TRAD target.


Wai Mei : Zhong Guo Cheng Fei Zai Huo Jun Ji Chu Kou Ding Dan Ai Ji Jun Fang Jiang Gou 32 Jia

Gen Ju Ge Zhong Qu Dao Fen Xi , Zhe Ci Jiao Yi , Huo Xu Bing Fei Shi 4 Dun Liang Ji Gao Xing Neng De Yi Long 2 Wu Ren Ji , Er Shi 1.2 Dun Ji Bie De Yi Long 1D Wu Ren Ji , He Tong Ye Bu Shi Zui Jin Qian Shu , Er Shi Zai 2018 Nian 11 Yue Qian Shu , Zheng Zhi Zhu Hai Hang Zhan Qi Jian , Ai Ji Jun Fang Yu Zhong Guo Fei Ji Zhi Zao Shang Cheng Du Fei Ji Gong Ye Ji Tuan Gong Si Qian Shu Liao Yi Fen He Tong , Cheng Fei Xiang Ai Ji Ti Gong 32 Jia Yi Long -1D Xing Wu Ren Ji , Zuo Wei Yi Ge Wan Zheng De Zuo Zhan Ti Xi , Ai Ji Fang Mian Chu Liao Wu Ren Ji Wai , Huan Gou Mai Liao Wu Ren Ji Zhi Hui Zhan 、 Hou Qin Bao Zhang Xi Tong 、 Tong Xin / Shu Ju Lian Deng Quan Tao She Shi She Bei , He Tong Zong Jin E Yue He Ren Min Bi 4 Yi Yuan 。


Wai Jiao Bu Hui Ying Fan Zhi 5 Jia Mei Mei : Na Jia Mei Ti You Yi Jian Zhao Mei Guo Zheng Fu

Yuan Biao Ti : Wai Jiao Bu Hui Ying Fan Zhi 5 Jia Mei Mei : Ru Guo Na Jia Mei Ti You Shi Me Yi Jian , Ke Yi Xiang Mei Guo Zheng Fu Ti Chu [ Huan Qiu Shi Bao Ji Zhe Zhang Hui Huan Qiu Shi Bao Te Yue Ji Zhe Wang Yi ]“ Ru Guo …

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