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Does epidemic situation weaken the United States to be in latent capacity of Nanhai military affairs? Did not forget the U.S. Army still has 3 large dominant positions

A few days ago, the U.S. Army bends over already had in 4 aircraft carrier of the nest 3 go to sea afresh or be about to go to sea task of deploy of executive military affairs, ended aircraft carrier to be in Pacific ” empty window period ” . The military affairs that this also shows to the United States won’t abandon be in Chinese circumjacent area acts. The action that the United States will be in the area such as Nanhai, Taiwan Strait henceforth or enormous challenge just is brought in will giving, to this we must want to had made corresponding preparation.


Zhumuwoerte joins naval force of Pacific Ocean of battle U.S. Army formally two large parts want vigilance

This ” Zhumuwoerte ” date is after consign, still won’t carry out fight the task, enter however ” the development of below one phase and integrated and maritime test ” , after be being evaluated through initiative warfare capability to 2021, just calculate series of action of navy of United States of formal be classified.

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