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Does 3 division think Yin Jun deploy and China call protracted battle? Imprint intermediary: ? Evil of suddenly of Lue of stop up Yu?

The report says, at present Indian army is in so called ” draw Da Ke district ” deploy the military strength of nearly 3 division, among them 2 division are from other theater of operation tone comes, in logistics safeguard respect gets bigger limitation. Other new transfer into army also faces similar difficult problem. In the past 6 weeks, transfer into from Campagna the troop of partial Yin Jun that pulls the area that amount to a gram has begun to employ local reserve, yinjun storage goods and materials is being used up quickly. “Ladakedongbude area winter snowfall is very small, in-house traffic is smooth, still can rise even fall helicopter. But this region economy is backward, have any produce or industrial supply hardly, all supply article depend on from the input outside region. If want to continue to be stationed in winter, army will be faced with the Yin Jun of deploy of area of the border in imprinting to supply catenary difficult problem endlessly. The limitation of logistics respect, the likelihood imprints final decision just be in Ladake is long-term the army dimensions of deploy ” .


Turkey commits suicide equipment 500 times type identifies person face group to atttack without person function

It is portable 3 kinds of 3 pounds (1.36 kilogram) heavy warhead, compare an U.S. Army according to weighing this ” springblade knife ” the warhead of missile of make one’s rounds is heavier. 3 kinds of warhead are respectively: Splintery kill and wound warhead, in order to meets personnel and light-duty car; Lukewarm pressure play, in order to copes with building and blindage; Shape ram warhead, in order to meets armor target.


Hu Xijin: “Stage alone harbor alone ” sees you the real position in American eye (contain video)

Er of rich of adviser of security of the state before the United States gave this new book suddenly, the title is ” memoir of the White House ” , expose inside greatly, resounding the United States. American judiciary 17 days night to the court urgent issue a request, with national secret is being involved in the book for information, the requirement prevents rich Er Du Xinshu to appear on the market formally 23 days month originally. But American media is analysed generally think, this kind is prevented succeed unlikelily.


CCTV exposure annihilate – 10 ” high speed does sewing work ” stunt: Distance ground 50 rice, seconds fast pass through 170 meters S gorge

Oriental net · performs arms field to reported on June 18: In distance ground height 50 meters, flight speed every second 170 meters, had flown the S form valley that width does not exceed 400 meters, be one kind what kind of. . .

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