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Firm approves Telangpu Luo Sifu date aircraft carrier captain of a naval ship: The thing that he does is too bad really (contain video)

“The thing that I think he is done, write a letter, be too bad really. This is not literary class. This is one has nuclear power the captain of a naval ship of large ship vessel, ” Telangpu says, “The be as long asing that a captain of a naval ship writes. . .


Imprint Ba Bian condition transmits artillery shell of concentrated firearm sound to aim at Yin Jun to firing this is pair of madcap penalty

From Indian one-sided the change imprints since accusing Kashmir area condition, of India and Pakistan fight with respect to all the more frequent. But as a result of before paragraph time India home produces disturbance, and erupt serious. . .


The United States will be adjusted be stationed in blame U.S. Army to compete in order to answer big country share of 101 airborne division recalls

American department of defense expresses 12 days, the United States is counting army of week of indrawn Africa deploy the partial unit of brigade of help of the first secure armed forces, significant effect is produced in saying this army can compete in big country.

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