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Members of standing committee of central the Political Bureau is warned ” stage alone ” vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission also is in the spot

Zheng Zhijun notices, standards of this informal discussion is extremely high, chestnut letter of challenge, Wang Chen, Xu Jiliang attended the meeting. There are 4 people in what make a speech on the informal discussion, include central the Central Military Commission to combine peace of Li Zuncheng of chief of staff of give advice department, China to unite stimulative meeting Hong Kong to always be met chairman Yao Zhisheng.


Russia makes public nuclear fierce true real number to measure, the White House stamps with fury say to be not accepted absolutely, complain deceived the whole world

Advertisement collaboration QQ:1The 657173907 TASS that occupy Russia reported on May 13, the Kremlin announced recently, the plan is the nuclear arsenal of augment Russia, plan to make new one. . .


Beautiful intermediary: Afghanistan retires the general converts general of tower benefit class

According to the United States ” Washington Post ” the website reported on May 12, spokesman of A Home Office says 10 days in a statement, this message ” regret making a person ” , censure retire general Abodule Gulile Ba Hedawaer ” , the choice is violent ” .


Warship of United States flower is in arctic activity leaves Ba Lun to raise the of great capacity after 7 days

The article achieves content formerly for sina military affairs, copyright attributes sina net, must not reprint without accredit. Article chapter purpose depends on passing more information, do not represent this net approval its viewpoint and to its authenticity. . .


My army unmanned chariot enlists in army formally! The appearance is cabinet show striking power however

Recently, date of Zhang of government of war zone of the eastpart part of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army releases an information, afterwards does not have man-machine besides, have an unmanned equipment again — new-style battle scout nobody make battle car UGV had enlisted in army. . .

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