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Beautiful intermediary: B21 bomber produces a process to already beginning appropriate to purchase fund quickly

” news of matters pertaining to defense ” the report said on July 2, of American Boule version ” 2021 bill of national defence authorization ” amendment the research and development of part of B-21 bomber project mystery capital moves to purchase a respect. This means the manufacturing process of B-21 bomber to may be being accelerated.


Air force navy is ongoing send congress of 6 acting machine to will limit budgetary amount

However, be opposite according to tactical air force and subcommittee of army of a land battle 2012 money year the assessment of proposed law of national defence policy, before headquarters of air force duty plans to receive the Pentagon cost to evaluate the independence that evaluates a director to undertake with the project to examine in committee, 2021 money year the 85% close the door on of the capital that NGAD place needs.

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