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Russian intermediary: Yin Jun continues Xiang Zhongyin border land adds group military plan to do a war to prepare

Not only such, on July 7, indian air force still is in distance China install did the north with not far border land descend on airport of field operations of town of A Kande state Chinyalisaur – 32 transport and rice – 17 helicopter. What Indian view is apart from here is medium imprint border land line has 120 kilometre only. Media ANI is pushing Indian news to went up to broadcast rice publicly especially – the 17 video that take off from runway of Chinyalisaur field operations, and install – the video that 32 herein descend.


Heavy pound draft announces: Will establish in Hong Kong in the center of maintain national security government office

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is established defend national safety commission, special Administrative Region of responsible Hong Kong defends national security work, assume the main responsibility that maintains national security, accept central people government. . .

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