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Telangpu denies Russian offer a reward to assault U.S. Army beautiful assemblyman to ask to continue to investigate however

Recently according to foreign media ” martial net ” report, the White House alleges the soldier of army of United States of Russian offer a reward, high level of the Democratic Party refuted the statement of the White House, namely presidential Telangpu does not know completely to information shows Russia official to Afghanistan revolting element offers finance to reward, in order to kill the U.S. Army that deploy is in this area, say to evidence shows these information already offerred commander-in-chief.


A large number of Xinjiang fear a picture making public the west first instead whether still alternative blindness (contain video)

19 days, china International TV station (CGTN) broadcast newsreel ” lofty day hill: Chinese Xinjiang fears memory instead ” , this is afterwards last year December CGTN a running fire newsreel of two experience border ” . . .


Israel test-fire is new-style and ballistic missile flight wears bull’s eye after 400 kilometers and pass

Company of Israel aerospace industry says in press release, this company was finished ” system of long-range artillery weapon ” (LORA) maritime emissive test, this is the ballistic missile of a kind of accurate blow. This kind of missile can blast off from the ground and maritime platform, the infrastructure that blow is located in enemy hinterland, blindage or it is subterranean fortification.


U.S. Army bomber approachs Russian border drilling of real intent exposure turns over naval vessel blow

The bomber job that shares this flight job comprises a Dimoxi Aerbuleixite Lieutenant Colonel emphasizes saying, train through such setting, b-1B unit staff can is aimed at new occurrence menace is begun answer training. He says: “The competitor’s rise and north reach his about the concern between adversary is intense with each passing day, make turn over naval vessel to fight ability becomes face of turn one’s coat of bomber unit staff to fight afresh the first goal of the task. Make turn over naval vessel to fight ability becomes face of turn one’s coat of bomber unit staff to fight afresh the first goal of the task..


Telangpu: Already informed China and India to wish to appear personally dispute of border of intercessory two countries

Before this, zhao Lijian of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses on routine press conference of 27 days, the footing that just goes up in attrib border problem in is consistent, clear, fulfil the important consensus that two countries leader reachs seriously all the time, abide by what two countries signs strictly to concern a deal, devote oneself to to defend safety of national territory dominion, in safeguarding, imprint the peace and stability of border area. Current, imprint in the condition of border area is overall be stability, can accuse. Imprint in between have perfect experience side mechanism and communication channel, both sides is capable to negotiate appropriate to solve relevant problem through the dialog.

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