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” of future of informal discussion of liberation army expert falls dimension hits ” : These equipment will become ace

(author: Mao Wei a person of extraordinary powers, instructor of institute of department army commander) alleged ” fall dimension is hit ” , the classic work of Liu Cixin of writer of out China science fiction ” 3 body ” one book, it is to show person of 3 body star is used ” 2. . .


The expenditure of intercept west opportunity for combat, can you let Russia go bankrupt? Russian army announces expenditure: Too be economical

Sharp / freely talking is US-led north is made an appointment with, long-term since have dispatch the force in sky is right Russia border land, undertake touching investigation the usual practice with demonstrate nearly. These action eliminate have pair of Russia to reveal. . .


Oath is recaptured imprint occupational earth is Nepalese in army of deploy of 15 border guard

Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, nepalese be pulled in Da Qiu merely and do obeisance to Telide the Qieganhalu of the area and Zhulagete set guard of two permanent border. The others sentry post of 13 frontier defence is created temporarily, be located in Nepalese Dakete, Xi Anku, cloth to pull library of Handeao, Katebagade, Kakada, Ding Ke radical, black respectively, cling to library, fatigue.

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