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Sheng Chan Di Yi 、 Chu Kou Di Yi 、 Ying Yong Di Yi …… Wo Guo Xi Tu Chan Ye Yong You Zi Yuan Yu Shi Chang Liang Da You Shi 。 Jin Nian Lai , Tong Guo Jia Qiang Zi Yuan Bao Hu , Chuang Xin Ti Xi Jian She , Wo Guo Nu Li Tui Dong Xi Tu Chan Ye Gao Zhi Liang Fa Zhan 。 Yu Ci Tong Shi , Si Wa Dao Cai 、“ Hei Kuang ” Zou Si Deng Luan Xiang Yi Ran Cun Zai , Ying Xiang Xi Tu Zi Yuan Jia Zhi Ti Xian 。


南京浦友 They obtain convoy of team of state guest bodyguard today highest courteous reception (graph) (contain video)

According to national decoration and law of national honorary title, “Republican decoration ” award the enormous contribution, prominent public figure that establishs outstanding meritorious service is made in Chinese characteristic socialism is built and defending a country; National honorary title awards in each domain such as economy, society, national defence, diplomacy, education, science and technology, culture, wholesome, sports each industry makes the significant contribution, prominent public figure that enjoys great reputation.


南京夜网论坛 js620 Did Indian flatus opportunity for combat just arrive drop lacquer a string of 1 even with respect to this dozen of annihilate 20?

India ” flatus ” just arrived drop lacquer… a string of 1 even with respect to this dozen of annihilate – 20? Origin: Bureau Zhang Shaozhong reported on July 29 local time according to Indian media, india amounts to search firm to order to France. . .


Japan is curule inspect exposure of accident of model of missile of weapon institute hypersonic speed

Shan Benpeng of Japanese defense assistant secretary is wide the message was released to say on gregarious media on July 7, he inspected institute of equipment of Japanese militia aviation that day. Shan Benpeng is wide listened to the introduction about battleplan of Japanese new generation, experienced flight simulator, examined the new equipment such as the new-style engine that developing.

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