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Outside intermediary: Presently so that employ mercenary to develop the area,act to Libyan deploy opportunity for combat

Official of beautiful blame headquarters says in a press release, the PMC that Russia military plan may be subordinate of group of offer of made of baked clay case offerred close quarters to be assisted in sky and attack sexual firepower. This company is supporting Libyan militia (LNA) the ethical solidarity government with blow accepted international (GNA) . Press release says, these opportunity for combat take off from an air base of Russia, pay equal attention to in Libyan change trains new spray paint in order to conceal their Russia identity, arrive at finally Libyan.


Telangpu is retreated again group, tear to shreds ” empty sky opens treaty ” , destroy each other of beautiful Russia strategy to believe final foundation

These days, although the United States of ocean the other shore still is in ” virus of new-style coronal shape ” ground of the risk one’s life needlessly in a gathering place of fish orbeasts of pneumonic indulge in wilful persecution struggles, but did not delay with Telangpu ” large tube-shaped part is gotten ” the American regime that head. . .


Hua Chunying hair pushs: China has 5 chiliad history and American history does not arrive 250 years

In mouth of favour of abstruse cloth Lai so called China ” filch United States is vaccinal ” , ” new York Times ” the report May 10 ever had been announced, this is a of American government new plot. The report says, how are FBI and land preparing to give out entirely ” warning ” , claim China’s toppest hacker and spy, ” filch ” the American research about new coronal vaccine and remedial method achievement.

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