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Boat of U.S. Army medical treatment changes from myth jest used 5 days to begin to draw lessons from Chinese experience only

But, because medical treatment boat did not answer the ability that catchs a disease, can be used to only close treat besides infection new coronal is pneumonic of the other disease beyond, the purpose is the new York that suffers from to give those people to be completely the space is vacated in the hospital.


The United States adds dead case of illness newly to innovate Gaotelangpu calls death number general increase sharply

Local time on April 4, the United States adds 1224 new coronals newly pneumonic death case of illness, die one day case of illness is most up to now for this country. American president Telangpu expresses 4 days, future dies. . .


Ba Tie’s wisdom: Putting 3 acting tank of Chinese to be not bought, go to Europe importing generation tank

Sharp / the winter is in relief be about to the T-55 of consign Pakistan stand for war after tank enters 21 centuries, once held our country to stand for war the 59 type of country of wall of tank alignment most had exited historical dance stage by stage. . .


Epidemic situation is current limejuicer this ” hospital ship ” why to hit a your home

British department of defense thinks, using snakehead name at contagion lash-up forcibly is wasteful resource, the key of British army is a London can exhibit a center to transform hospital of set prescription cabin. The army call this hospital ” health of nation of Er of Na Ding case serves ” .


Philippine the plane on fire that heads for Japan to carry out medical treatment to withdraw the task 8 people die

According to network of news of American cable television (CNN) Philippine channel report, management board of Philippine Manila International Airport releases a message to say, 29 days of evening were controlled at 8 o’clock, when the charter flight that in Manila the International Airport heads for this day of executive medical treatment to withdraw the task takes off, malfunction at 24 runway end, plane on fire.


Zhu Han Mei Jun Ji Di Yi Mei Guo Nv Bing Shen Wang Huo Huan Xin Guan Fei Yan ( Tu )

Ren Min Wang Xun Ju Han Mei 《 Zhong Yang Ri Bao 》3 Yue 24 Ri Bao Dao , Han Guo Jing Nei Zui Da De Zhu Han Mei Jun Ji Di —— Ping Ze Ji Di , Fa Sheng Yi Qi Mei Guo Shi Bing Zai Su She Shen Wang Shi Jian 。 Mu Qian , You Guan Bu Men Zheng Zai Dui Zhe Ming Shi Bing De Si Yin Jin Xing Diao Cha 。 Han Mei Lian He Si Ling Bu Sheng Cheng , Xian Zai Wu Fa Pan Duan Zhe Ming Si Zhe Shi Fou Huan You Xin Guan Fei Yan 。

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