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The White House surrounds Telangpu helter-skelter escape enters subterranean blindage

” new York Times ” reported this one news respectively with CNN. According to interior of the White House personnel is described, telangpu is in especially diligent below the convoy of personnel, waited for in subterranean blindage be less than a hour.


Uncover secret and billow 3 obtain together commend can be expected soon of plane of day of homebred sky of ” of ” black science and technology

According to Chinese division assist on May 11 message, basis ” division of China of ministry of manpower resource social security assist the State Council of ministry of science and technology national endowment appoint about choosing the announcement of award of try to be the first of innovation of the 2nd whole nation ” requirement, now. . .


Unit of warfare of U.S. Army spy drafts might of firearms of equipment new generation to will exceed active service equipment

Babbitt still discloses, making the new-style ammunition that quantifies more gently also is one of priority discipline of headquarters of battle of U.S. Army spy, requirement ammo weight is reduced 20% to 30% , caliber is 7.62 millimeter, plan general this money year the 4th quarter announces contest bid, 2021 money year sign a contract. To reduce weight, u.S. Army plan uses heavy brass no longer when the cartridge case that produces new generation ammunition, use aggregate material and stainless steel however.


Aircraft carrier of U.S. Army Luo Sifu will abandon mainland of recall of former captain of a naval ship of set out on a voyage of the member that keep apart naval vessel

To end sky of Asia-Pacific area aircraft carrier window period, american navy expresses, “Luo Sifu ” date aircraft carrier will as soon as possible ” return a battle ” , won’t when all naval vessel member remove after segregation again set out on a voyage.


Japan will equip new-style tank annihilate attacks a car to enhance militia quick disposition ability

According to foreign media ” guest of rich of matters pertaining to defense ” report, japan is defensive province general basis the name is ” Japanese defensive plan and budget ” (2020 edition) file, buy additionally one kind the name is 16 model tank annihilate hits a car, this tank annihilate attacks a car to also call 21 century tank annihilate of Japanese to hit a car.

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