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Capability of aggrandizement periphery surveillance? Philippine buy advanced and unmanned u-2 spy plane again

[Ma Yan of reporter of exercitation of round-the-world network coverage] according to ” weekly of matters pertaining to defense of brief family name ” government-owned net reported on June 26, philippine air force made a statement recently, 6 when its purchase from Israel ” Heermosi ” . . .


Beautiful official: It seems that the Chinese is rambunctious to United States happening satisfied and comfort (contain video)

Robert O’Brien expresses, “Our foreign adversary people always try in Twitter, Facebook and other place foment dissension American, I think to Chinese or any satisfied to this people say, right (Fuluoyide case) we can be checked after all. Right (Fuluoyide case) we can be checked after all..


Commander of the army that be stationed in harbor declares where one stands: Support harbor of experience of countrywide National People’s Congress to decide stoutly

Hong Kong produces a series of extremely violent incident, played havoc with the overall situation with Hong Kong stable prosperity, challenged Hong Kong law and social order badly, serious menace goes to Hong Kong life property of the citizen is safe, serious also lay a finger on ” one nation ” principle bottom line, absolutely flagrant, we express to be condemned strongly to this.

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