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Beautiful official: It seems that the Chinese is rambunctious to United States happening satisfied and comfort (contain video)

Robert O’Brien expresses, “Our foreign adversary people always try in Twitter, Facebook and other place foment dissension American, I think to Chinese or any satisfied to this people say, right (Fuluoyide case) we can be checked after all. Right (Fuluoyide case) we can be checked after all..


Does commander of beautiful aerospace unit die mysteriously? U.S. Army: Do not have evidence of infection new coronal

Offer according to this army ” air force times ” a statement says, when captain is discovered, Fazalanuo has lost consciousness, be announced to die in the home subsequently. His cause of death is at present in investigation, but wing of the 21st aerospace states its cause of death appears is natural reason. This commander die at the age of is 47 years old.

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