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狼友信息分享论坛 The United States is naval: Reason of amphibious ship on fire is investigating explosive department to be caused by fire

On July 13, philip Suo of spokesman of headquarters of unit of water of fleet of American naval Pacific Ocean fastens a gram to express, anchor is in of base of navy of dagger of alternate of California city emperor ” Cha De of good person manage ” date amphibious atttacks naval vessel (USS LHD 6) the fire of 12 day happening is not explosive be caused by, at present on fire reason had be notted find out.


品茶网 龙凤 Punish just call-overs in many United States is turned over China assemblyman!

Hua Chunying announces medium one orgnaization of pair of United States and a punish of 4 individual executive reciprocity, contain 3 famous instead China assemblyman! Hua Chunying of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on July 13, square decision rises from this day in. . .


南昌品茶2020 Latent capacity mining appears to already amounted to the limit first after lengthen 052D naval vessel enlists in army (graph)

052D chaser is 052C chaser is improved model, latter originates again homebred 052 model chaser. Be affected by equipment of helicopter of naval at that time carrier-borne, board size falls since helicopter of 052 series chaser lesser, large and medium-sized difficulty falls since carrier-borne helicopter bigger, affected naval ships to fight efficiency. As homebred straight 20 carrier-borne turn over Qian Zhisheng machine to develop a success, its dimension is more active service than navy straight 9 carrier-borne helicopter wants many big, homebred surface naval ships this defect is more outstanding. Navy asks to board falls since helicopter of lengthen of homebred surface naval ships, so that go to the lavatory,fall since 20 carrier-borne helicopter continuously, this is setting of 052D lengthen development.


南京夜网论坛交流 5800 nuclear warhead, it is 20 times of China! This Zhang suggests the United States just calculates

“Putting clear dissimulate ” this was on July 10 Zhao Lijian of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs evaluates China just to indicate position already to the United States innocently alleged 3 Bian Jun accuses to negotiate and the United States just wants to pull China to the utmost however. . .

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