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If the exit limitation of F-22 is broken thoroughly really, once F-22 restarts product line, stem from the consideration that reduces cost, its crop is absolutely impossible very few, fight to be adjusted greatly again besides air force future, purchase one part F-22 afresh besides, the United States may consider to wait for ally to open the exit attributive of F-22 in succession to Japan. Although Japan equiped F-35, but in the annihilate with circumjacent powerful nation – 20, revive – of 57 oppressive below, cannot gain an advantage at all, the F-3 battleplan that Japan grinds oneself, be being met finally after all is what appearance, return it’s hard to say at present, anyhow, japan has strong demand to F-22, once export a ban to unlock, f-22 enters Japan finally probably, the military affairs of area of Asia-Pacific of this will great change and ground fringe politics are balanced.


Bitter fleabane admire abstruse why to object Iran buying annihilate 10? Will minatory beauty is in Persian Gulf order

On June 24, admire of bitter fleabane of American Secretary of State abstruse pushing suddenly go up especially hair post says ” if U.N. is right,weapon embargo of Iran will expire in October, iran can be bought be similar to Russia revive – 30. . .


Liberation army opportunity for combat 11 days 7 enter intermediary of Taiwan southwest stage: Compress depth of stage air defence

Stage ” central company ” say 21 days, cease according to open letter, this is liberation army opportunity for combat 9 days since the 7th degree enters Taiwan so called ” area of air defence identifying ” , also be liberation army military plan circles a stage the 14th degree this year, “Recently 6 days besides 20 days besides, the others all has 5 days in all machine airspace of periphery of Taiwan showing trace ” . Occupy close green media additionally ” free times ” report, also scout of P-8A of an U.S. Army is in at that time this airspace activity.

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