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Russia makes public nuclear fierce true real number to measure, the White House stamps with fury say to be not accepted absolutely, complain deceived the whole world

Advertisement collaboration QQ:1The 657173907 TASS that occupy Russia reported on May 13, the Kremlin announced recently, the plan is the nuclear arsenal of augment Russia, plan to make new one. . .


Ba Tie opens up endowment 1 billion dollar buys 300 China VT4 to be produced possibly still in home

The view VT-4 of Pakistan respect stand for war tank will deploy beside block general is saved, block general saves Pakistan economy town of military importance by, GDP holds Pakistan 60% , grain crop was to achieve more 80% , somebody once was described so ” by block general person Debajisitan ” . Also be India shines here attack Pakistan main way, so Pakistan army is in by a large number of forces of block general deploy, pakistan army 9 army 6 deploy are here. VT-4 of first transhipment of through cargo stand for war tank will be Pakistan army division of the 6th armor, this division equips now Azala stand for war tank, it is China 59 tank are great improve model.


Have a guilty conscience? The United States plans to spend 6 billion dollar, enlarge Guam and Hawaiian base

Although internal state of affairs more and more extremely, but many the idea of the high-level personage of superpower is not above this, they more care how to continue to maintain had become an illusion stage by stage hollow in building. . .


American death case of illness crosses 10 thousand U.S. Armies diffuse speed is startling also

Occupy network of news of American cable television to report, american disease control and precautionary center spokesman express 6 days, this center is preparing to undertake to more American antibody of virus of new-style coronal shape tests, whether has been this virus contracted in order to decide before them.


U.S. Army brunt carries helicopter, introduce China full 45 years of time, why to fail to be modelled on up to now?

Use a slave doing to carry carry well-known, regard first of comprehensive strength world as the U.S. Army, most let it bring those who think those who be proud is it to cast send ability. And this battlefield sends the renown signal that sends ability firm rock in midstream ever. . .

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