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南京辰龙广场 Russia Vice Prime Minister: Iran hopes to buy Russian weapon after punish cancels very much

The report says, hold in Russia ” legionary – 2020 ” on forum of technology of international military affairs, the message personage that comes from Russia national defence to export a company discloses, besides buy 40 ” path Er ” M2 and ” armor ” besides air defence system, iran still is being sought buy system of missile of 4 S-400 air defence.


贵阳各种微信群 The foot at the beginning of Lebanon explosion case checks a result: Nonexistent missile or plane make a surprise attack

Meanwhile, french investigation personnel already also joined the investigation of Beirut explosion case of Lebanon dominant. 15 days, france investigates a group to take a boat to launch investigation around explosive spot. In addition, france ” Tuoneier ” ship of date amphibious assault already arrived at Beirut and be in haven berth. Associated press picture shows, french army is uninstalling aid goods and materials from ship vessel.


Capability of aggrandizement periphery surveillance? Philippine buy advanced and unmanned u-2 spy plane again

[Ma Yan of reporter of exercitation of round-the-world network coverage] according to ” weekly of matters pertaining to defense of brief family name ” government-owned net reported on June 26, philippine air force made a statement recently, 6 when its purchase from Israel ” Heermosi ” . . .


Graphic: What does the weaponry that parade of Russia red field is worth to pay close attention to most have?

CCTV news news, on June 24, russia will hold souvenir to defend a country in the many cities such as Muscovite, Sanket the war wins 75 years parade activity, 75 more than 200 weaponry, planes and helicopter will appear on red field, what does the martial equipment that parade of red this year field is worth to expect most have? Can they appear on red field?


Russia makes public nuclear fierce true real number to measure, the White House stamps with fury say to be not accepted absolutely, complain deceived the whole world

Advertisement collaboration QQ:1The 657173907 TASS that occupy Russia reported on May 13, the Kremlin announced recently, the plan is the nuclear arsenal of augment Russia, plan to make new one. . .

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