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United States of support of netizen of 1 million United States uses this new national flag (graph)

Proposal sponsor says, to answer ” the black’s life also is a life ” protest an activity, of new design ” ensign ” in, the blue of former ensign top left corner reachs five-pointed star design, be replaced ” delegate black ” black, design instead cries ” graceful Buddhist nun ” cartoon character, stripe of red white alternate with changes for ” Huang Bai stripe ” .


Scout of U.S. Army EP-3E strengthens pair of Korea surveillance to be able to explore missile to blast off

Reference news net reported according to Han Lian company head Er reported on June 17 on June 18, personage of Han Jun message discloses 17 days, scout of electron of American naval EP-3E and RC- of the U.S. Army that be stationed in Han. . .

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