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The White House surrounds Telangpu helter-skelter escape enters subterranean blindage

” new York Times ” reported this one news respectively with CNN. According to interior of the White House personnel is described, telangpu is in especially diligent below the convoy of personnel, waited for in subterranean blindage be less than a hour.


Beautiful intermediary: The U.S. Army does not have advantage base to will be flooded by east wind missile to China

The Pentagon hopes to face Chinese challenge, dan Jijian runs the center that oneself flimsy, expensive platform regards American military affairs as force. Congress asks to maintain this one current situation. Military headquarters of Si Hehai of the base of a fruit of horse of predecessor defense minister grows Spencer to try to retired 2019 when aircraft carrier, was rejected by congress. And the person that costly opportunity for combat also has a lot of go about selling an idea. The component that in the United States every city can make F-35 has a reason, this is political expedient.


Aircraft carrier of U.S. Army Luo Sifu will abandon mainland of recall of former captain of a naval ship of set out on a voyage of the member that keep apart naval vessel

To end sky of Asia-Pacific area aircraft carrier window period, american navy expresses, “Luo Sifu ” date aircraft carrier will as soon as possible ” return a battle ” , won’t when all naval vessel member remove after segregation again set out on a voyage.


China is new-style exposure of Ju of large requirements high spirit but Ju reduces the goal outside 3 kilometers (graph)

To solve these problems, china was rolled out early or late again ” 260 thousand ” the M99 snipe musket that high spirit Ju, 10 type oppose equipment musket and foreign trade is waited a moment, abounded Chinese snipe musket greatly familial member. But regretful is, china still lacks an important gun in snipe musket class model, large requirements bolt uses rifle of snipe of Gao Jingyuan Cheng.


Beautiful bey of moustache of bright general cut organizes guard against enemy agents ” of ” secret airliner carries from China guaze mask

The news secretary A Buda Ye that general benefit Ci overcomes (Jordan Abudayyeh) do not wish to provide airliner detailed information, however ground of word of word inner tube points out: “Bey has understood the challenge that explained current state government is faced with… bought when you (medical treatment) goods and materials, ensuring they arrive at Honshu is another formidable task. Ensuring they arrive at Honshu is another formidable task..


History go up first! U.S. Army nuclear-powered submarine to hide epidemic situation is held in water enlist in army ceremony

Geerci points out, “Telahua ” of date enlist in army show, although suffer effect of epidemic situation of new coronal virus, american navy still continues to receive new naval vessel on time. Geerci says: “With respect to quality character, ‘ Fomengte ‘ date is ‘ check finally ‘ in one of submarine with top quality, accordingly we won’t sacrifice quality. ” ” we are in on time to jack-tar consign high grade naval ships. ” ” we are in on time to jack-tar consign high grade naval ships..

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