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Become in military school a kind of what kind of experience is civil service? (Graph) (contain video)

Origin: Is army newspaper reporter apart from military 2020 civil service to admit by examination sign up enter time young associate people clutch enter oneself for an examination what does civil service of military school of college of dogface of army of army dogface institute basically do? Give a soldier. . .


Does Yin Jun carry which kinds of naval ships the meeting of a fair lake is? The liberation army must be treated carefully

The hold dimension of C-17 is × of 5.5 of 27 × 3.76 meters (long × wide × is tall) . Those who need an attention is, there are 20.8 meters only in 27 meters of length is full height, the height of tail section closes gradually narrow. And super De Wo pulls the measure of 2 is 25 × 5.6 × 1.1 (deepness of draft of long × wide × ) . Go in with respect to very difficult outfit it seems that from length. Nevertheless the bow part of mosquito craft also is to close gradually narrow, if receive bow share in tail, it seems that still hopeful outfit goes in. However this is length merely, is the hold that super De Wo pulls II width to compare C-17 many 10 centimeters wide how is this good? More or less can the dimension data that actually cargo aircraft gives out have bit of surplus, pull down a few accessory inside C-17 cabin, vacate these 10 centimeters probably.


United States of support of netizen of 1 million United States uses this new national flag (graph)

Proposal sponsor says, to answer ” the black’s life also is a life ” protest an activity, of new design ” ensign ” in, the blue of former ensign top left corner reachs five-pointed star design, be replaced ” delegate black ” black, design instead cries ” graceful Buddhist nun ” cartoon character, stripe of red white alternate with changes for ” Huang Bai stripe ” .


Scout of U.S. Army EP-3E strengthens pair of Korea surveillance to be able to explore missile to blast off

Reference news net reported according to Han Lian company head Er reported on June 17 on June 18, personage of Han Jun message discloses 17 days, scout of electron of American naval EP-3E and RC- of the U.S. Army that be stationed in Han. . .


Telangpu a phone, article is darling on the third of the twelve Earthly Branches horse listen your, cannot Korea enrage bout forcedly?

The G7 peak this year can play the host by the United States, nevertheless, suffer epidemic situation effect, the summit that holds on June originally is met, will be held this year in September by remit to. Even if is such, install besides Japanese premier times already. . .

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