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Does commander of beautiful aerospace unit die mysteriously? U.S. Army: Do not have evidence of infection new coronal

Offer according to this army ” air force times ” a statement says, when captain is discovered, Fazalanuo has lost consciousness, be announced to die in the home subsequently. His cause of death is at present in investigation, but wing of the 21st aerospace states its cause of death appears is natural reason. This commander die at the age of is 47 years old.


After 160 bomber modernization upgrades, two graphs weigh new friend to pay Russian sky day army (graph)

Occupy Russian tower company 23 days to report, russia department of defense 4 announce, two graphs after upgrading through modernization – 160 strategies bomber had delivered to Russia army. Russian department of defense points out. . .


Ball cartridge of battle of armed police spy trains even ” Dai Kou overspreads ” backside to have these knack actually

Be like preamble, this kind has the training of quite dangerous sex, in light of the case that reports from CCTV military affairs, this training is organize by senior cadre (detachment deputy chief of staff) , by picked personnel (long, deputy maniple grows military unit corresponding to a company) carry out — among them a very significant detail is, the armed police that holds drone is especially diligent team member was worn seldom at ordinary times the veil that see (the attention is not recently what appear in training of special period horse and foot is medical defend guaze mask) , have the consideration that prevents eject of chamber tone blaze to be sent, training be particular about scores gain below safe condition, is not the harm outside causing needless specified number.


Why does hospital of United States be askinged appear: of expert of liberation army of this kind of phenomenon? Annulus ń dainty?

In program of military diagnosis and treatment, emphasize antibody ” golden standard ” detect. Liu Youning expresses, be sure nucleic acid detects above all is a very important step. But the essence that nucleic acid detects just discovers where virus is. Virus has active, having infectivity do not know. Strictly speaking, nucleic acid detects masculine gender does not prove even if affect. As the extension of epidemic situation, actually we had discovered individual and healthy person carries virus.

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