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The United States produces tempestuous Zhang Shaozhong more: In be being said by my the law of causation

In the light of this incident I had released two very long small gain, use this word ending each finally: Magma is in emerge move, if volcano erupts really, be sure bold and flowing! This ability a few days ah, activity of completely beautiful protest has spread to 18 cities 24 cities, block of the White House, congress hill falls into enemy hands, by tens of thousands indignant masses is on street, shout slogan, beating is burned, violent indulge in wilful persecution, the police shoots to already caused much person casualty.


The U.S. Army is returning aircraft carrier stage by stage after the segregation of bluejacket of Luo Sifu date that finish

The Yanasi in Guam horse combines office of region general affairs (Joint Region Marianas Public Affairs Office) a statement that Zhou Sanfa expresses says, the bluejacket that returns aircraft carrier is in a month was kept apart inside hotel room all the time in the past. Naval respect had undertaken to all sailors new coronal virus detects, undertook alexipharmic to aircraft carrier.


Beautiful navy 3578 soldiers diagnose affects occurrence epidemic situation of 26 ship vessel

Complement of naval officer of this United States says, at present these 26 warships berth is in haven or dockyard. American navy did not publish the name of specific naval vessel of the warship of occurrence epidemic situation, also did not announce the exact amount of the ship vessel that suffers epidemic situation effect, because of the regulation according to American department of defense, make public these detail to may be endangered fight safe.

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