Month: March 2020


Epidemic situation is current limejuicer this ” hospital ship ” why to hit a your home

British department of defense thinks, using snakehead name at contagion lash-up forcibly is wasteful resource, the key of British army is a London can exhibit a center to transform hospital of set prescription cabin. The army call this hospital ” health of nation of Er of Na Ding case serves ” .


Philippine the plane on fire that heads for Japan to carry out medical treatment to withdraw the task 8 people die

According to network of news of American cable television (CNN) Philippine channel report, management board of Philippine Manila International Airport releases a message to say, 29 days of evening were controlled at 8 o’clock, when the charter flight that in Manila the International Airport heads for this day of executive medical treatment to withdraw the task takes off, malfunction at 24 runway end, plane on fire.


Telangpu: I want to go to new York seeing field hospital start business but especially diligent bureau do not let

Telangpu says, “They tomorrow with respect to practice, I want to go very much, but especially diligent bureau and all and relevant personnel do not let, the reason is apparent. ” he emphasizes designedly, this hospital, rebuild federally, government of new York state is not done. The United States is especially diligent bureau spokesman expresses, stem from action safety reason, “Especially diligent bureau do not discuss to protect object, salvo or protect responsibility. “Especially diligent bureau do not discuss to protect object, salvo or protect responsibility..


A guaze mask tells you why Euramerican ask to aid China

Be based on whole industry catenary and country to be built as a whole, “China is made ” a powerful crisis is shown to answer ability and flexibility in epidemic situation. This kind of actual strength also lets Japanese scholar exclamation: China and United States are same, will be ” absolutely cannot to it battle ” country.


Imprint Ba Bian condition transmits artillery shell of concentrated firearm sound to aim at Yin Jun to firing this is pair of madcap penalty

From Indian one-sided the change imprints since accusing Kashmir area condition, of India and Pakistan fight with respect to all the more frequent. But as a result of before paragraph time India home produces disturbance, and erupt serious. . .


Japan of this kind of moment returns somebody from schoolbook ” filch Diaoyu Island “

Geng Shuang of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 24 days at this point on routine press conference, diaoyu Island reachs his the inherent territory that accessary islands is China from of old, the determination that territorial sovereign rights just safeguards in and volition are adamantine. No matter what day just says, what to do, cannot change Diaoyu Island to belong to Chinese fact. Geng Shuang emphasizes, day just is urged in square cogent according to Sino-Japanese at 4 o’clock act of principle consensus spirit, improve development to be made hard with acting actually to concern for two countries.

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