Month: May 2020


Once the war erupts, who is the biggest to American menace? Kissinger gives out the answer

Look the main body condition of preexistence bound is given priority to with peace, but also be not under peaceful idea produce a battle without the likelihood absolutely. Saying be prepared for danger in times of safety, close paragraph one what time United States adopts on international world. . .


The U.S. Army sums up a lesson: Seasoned air man crashs because of brief error

According to ” network of news of American naval institute ” report, super bumblebee crash is in a machine F/A-18 that a seasoned air man brings about him because of flashy judgement error the park of dead cereal state of California.


Members of standing committee of central the Political Bureau is warned ” stage alone ” vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission also is in the spot

Zheng Zhijun notices, standards of this informal discussion is extremely high, chestnut letter of challenge, Wang Chen, Xu Jiliang attended the meeting. There are 4 people in what make a speech on the informal discussion, include central the Central Military Commission to combine peace of Li Zuncheng of chief of staff of give advice department, China to unite stimulative meeting Hong Kong to always be met chairman Yao Zhisheng.


Be stationed in beautiful embassy: Outside force intervenes we will adopt Hong Kong general affairs to be made instead

China is stationed in American embassy website to made a statement as follows on May 29: Hong Kong is Chinese Special Administrative Region, hong Kong general affairs is China municipal, not allow any foreign interference. Maintain national security one by one. . .

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