Month: July 2020


大酒店婚宴 The East China Sea discovers American aircraft carrier! Many military plan is in this maritime space is frequent activity

Number of this small gain Zhang says with the another message of day, 30 days of before dawn 4 when make, beautiful air man scout of electron of a RC-135S takes off from Okinawa. This type basically is in charge of gathering feature of ballistic missile signal and communication information. In the morning 8 when make, a KC-135R cheers beautiful air man machine in activity of the East China Sea, conjectural RC-135S headed for the East China Sea to have spy. In the morning 10 when make, beautiful army scouts toward Yellow Sea before a RC-12P.


合肥夜生活第一论坛 93 things narrate journey the 76th collect: Awarded first 1955 those who hold is the whole thing

The list course that awards marshal and general military rank relapses balance, adjust for many times, award other also passed the list of class military rank for many times consider. On September 15, military rank executive committee decided ” register of class military rank ” , early or late after check and approve of Chen Yi of Vice Prime Minister of classics the State Council, Chen Yun, Deng Xiaoping, by Peng Dehuai Xiang Zhouen comes the premier reports, ask written instructions of premier check and approve. So far, judge hold the job to end basically.


一句话气死小人 Without aircraft carrier might as well? Russian navy is in build 59 naval ships 43 can be hit ” caliber “

In military expenditure finite and safe posture nots allow below optimistic big backdrop, russia navy is manage Qing Dynasty eventually in recent years navy of the Russia below new condition builds train of thought, with ” thug ” naval vessel of M class missile is a delegate. . .


石家庄凯嘉分尸案 Harbor intermediary: ? Liberation army of? of Californium of  of wait of 2 Hui Chou gives out shrimp of Ai of smooth  of calumniate   warning

Basis the graphic representation of orgnaization of this wisdom library, p-8A is apart from Shanghai to be less than 76.5 kilometers (47.5 miles) , it is when in recent years American military airplane is close to chinese mainland most, and coast of south of Fujian of distance of another military airplane makes an appointment with 106 kilometers.


昌平沙河高教园鸡 Facial book whether clone adversary product plunges into Kebaige: Adapted some of function of course

According to ” commercial inside ” report, on the hearing, er of handkerchief of beautiful congressman Gu Ya (Pramila Jayapal) successional ask a question, whether does book weighing a face adopt inequitable measure, the function that includes duplicate competitor, keep banner in the competitor thereby. She returns cite face book to be in charge of the email between high, content is mentioned ” adopt mix actively flexible strategy, ensure banner on the service Yu Jing contends for adversary ” .

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