” of future of informal discussion of liberation army expert falls dimension hits ” : These equipment will become ace


” of future of informal discussion of liberation army expert falls dimension hits ” : These equipment will become ace

(author: Mao Wei a person of extraordinary powers, department army leads academic reader)

Alleged ” fall dimension is hit ” , the classic work of Liu Cixin of writer of out China science fiction ” 3 body ” one book, it is to show person of 3 body star is used ” 2 Xiang Bo ” fall solar system by three dimensional space the means of a kind of attack to 2 dimension space. In science fiction work, means of this kind of attack makes a person find everything new and fresh, impressive, but fine fine presumably, martial domain also is existing all the time it seems that sundry ” fall dimension is hit ” .

Cold enginery times, chan Bing can atttack the enemy of a direction only in same time, can inspect ” one dimension is atttacked ” ; Blast after battle appears, many soldiers are comprised ” one five ” , hold different weapon respectively, can attack nearly already but far attack, return the charge that can answer many way at the same time, “One dimension is atttacked ” upgrade for ” 2 dimension are atttacked ” . Right now, arms of mutual cooperation taxi fights taxi army alone to singles, often have very distinct advantage. For example, qi Jiguang of famous general of an old name for Japan of bright Dai Kang invents ” an affectionate couple blast ” , 11 people are covey, hold the weapon such as palladium of Xian of long shield, cane shield, wolf, javelin, broadsword, boring respectively, accident holds concurrently, attack and defence have both, through the soldier between cooperate each other, defeat greatly to suffer from tens of year Japanese pirates, and repeatedly battle repeatedly nimble, appeased an old name for Japan that takes littoral successfully to suffer from. To the Japanese pirates of excel in of skill in wushu, average soldier to it singles is fought alone is not adversary, but comprise by average soldier ” an affectionate couple blast ” , carry soldier and weapon however optimize combination, came true to fight the whole of ability ” rise dimension ” . Face same rival, this is a kind ” fall dimension is hit ” .

Heat up enginery times, the occurrence of firearms makes Chan Bing’s force comes true ” rise dimension ” . Rely on the force of gunpowder, chan Bing striking distance is extended greatly, a soldier that hold a gun can be shot easily kill than him stronger enemy. The soldier that hold a gun is in barehanded soldier even before cavalry, also be a kind ” fall dimension is hit ” . Then, be a foundation with technology of line chamber gun ” skirmisher line ” tactical be the rage. After the standard that makes a soldier when firearms is configured, the mankind discovers very quickly, firearms fire distance is again far, also can shoot only kill an enemy, and the one hair artillery shell of artillery, can kill and wound much name at the same time however even tens of renown enemies. Then, dogface and the tactics that artillerist cooperates with begin to hold dominant position. Right now, kill and wound those who be a delegate with face shape firepower ” pace artillery piece cooperates with ” tactics, be a feature to be being killed and wound in order to order shape end ” skirmisher line ” tactics, it is likewise a kind ” fall dimension is hit ” .

In two world war, the occurrence of tank, plane, representing two kinds new ” dimension spends promotion ” . Tank was equivalent to installing defend of armor and crawler engine ” artillery ” , have violent fire not only, and hold concurrently defend formidably force and motor-driven force. Relative to the gun that at can be in only static position ability fires character, tank can shoot artillery shell in motor-driven, this is a kind of motor-driven and union of blow ability photograph ” dimension spends promotion ” . Accordingly, the concussion armor group that gives priority to with tank cooperates with to traditional pace artillery piece the attack of army, make type of a kind of as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood ” fall dimension is hit ” . The huge drop of actual strength of this kind of battlefield, indirect and ecbolic those who install give German Gu Deli ” blitz ” tactics. And of the plane attend a war, extended warlike pattern three dimensional space from planar ground directly. Right now, have the one party of the plane, to the attack of enemy area force, make a typical case ” fall dimension is hit ” . Be united in wedlock when plane and tank photograph, “Fight dimension is spent ” be promoted again, innovation went the Tuhaqiefusiji of Russia with ” clearing cooperates with ” be a feature glow ” big depth ” tactical thought, of the great, influence of its meaning far-reaching, last to today even.

As the ceaseless development of science and technology, weapon of accurate control and guide is on warlike arena eventually. If say plane, tank, cannon is the classic that military strength and firepower apply, so the perfect union that missile is speed and precision. Speed can be regarded is ” time dimension is spent ” promotion, be in namely ” time dimension is spent ” on have high speed dash forward the dominant position that defend; Precision is ” dimensional dimension is spent ” promotion, wait for a technology through satellitic navigation and inertial control and guide namely, the precision that hits a target control is in 1/1000000. For example, in December 1979, american navy launched ” trident – I ” type missile, hit the target outside 7400 kilometers successfully, its are round probable error (project same kind to the target many missile, missile of requirement half the number falls inside the circle that is the centre of a circle with the target, this circle radius namely round probable error) be not worth 90 meters, be equivalent to size of a football ground. This is the milepost type promotion of martial technology on human history. The occurrence of missile, mean a war to just may begin to had ended, overturned again traditional warlike idea.

At this late hour, unmanned system, intelligence changes the occurrence of the new technology such as computation of robot, big data, cloud, the gigantic revolution that causes warlike configuration again. The world lies ” nobody are changed ” warlike night before last. Person, in serving as a war the most important the weakest also one link, can open outstanding intelligent property already, implementation ” man-machine ” optimize innovation of tactics of doctrine of combination, war, play fights formidably efficiency; Likely also because of the physical attribute with human flimsy itself, after sufferring unexpected fire damage, bring about warlike machine instant to break down. For example, antitank what missile atttacks is not tank, however in-house operation personnel; The cloud explodes play, lukewarm pressure play those who eliminate is not defence works blindage, however the soldier inside. “Nobody are changed ” war, through ” somebody ” to ” unmanned ” dimension spends promotion, fill neat this is consistent of the life short board. December 2015, appraise government army of robot of Russia army battle puissant assist below, razzia successfully ” Mohammedan country ” armed element pilot pulls Dajiya 754.5 uplands. In the battle, russian army does not have robot of man-machine, battle, self-propelled gun group fall in the unified director that accuses a system, came true ” an organic whole of blow of forward position scout, depth, clearing, own in coordination ” , make the power that gets armed element to be without strike back. Final 77 armed elements are shot dead, governmental army has the talk that attend a war only 4 people get flesh wound. Fact of this be related explains, future ” unmanned ” fight system to ” somebody ” fight system, it is new round necessarily ” fall dimension is hit ” .

Countless warlike practice tell us, beat adversary to may have a lot of kinds of kind, but effect cost is compared highest is forever ” fall dimension is hit ” . Because follow adversary to be in same dimension is spent, mean both sides to want to abide by same cover warlike law, can win a victory through integral power dominant position only so, this kind of victory is likely ” fight the enemy 10 thousand, from caustic 8000 ” ; And promote oneself ” fight dimension is spent ” , mean creation to give a new warlike law, stand in higher level to beat rival thereby. This kind beats way, perhaps apply new weaponry, perhaps create new war doctrine tactics, both holds concurrently and perhaps have, often can break through the groovy defense system of adversary, take those who get do with sb unconscious, shock making a person to fight thereby the effect.

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