United States of support of netizen of 1 million United States uses this new national flag (graph)


United States of support of netizen of 1 million United States uses this new national flag (graph)

Overturn numerous celebrity oneself after the statuary, lawful sex that oppugns American national anthem, many American netizens begin to take American ensign again ” drive scald thin slices of meat in boiling water ” . Recently, the name is ” change American ensign ” couplet office activity, in the United States famous petition collects a website to go up, got the response of 100 much netizens.

Alleged ” American ensign revises draft ” data chart, graph source: Push special

Recently, in the United States famous petition collects a website ” Change.org ” on, somebody was released first ” the appeal changes American ensign and national anthem ” proposal.

The content of this proposal, it may be said is written make a great show of being in earnest, be filled with indignation. Propose start, author passion says insurgently: “Our adolescent is American future, the national flag that behoove raises us devises plan ” . Subsequently, the American the Stars and the Stripes with author original criticism ” not only ugly, and the implied meaning is very bad ” .

Proposal sponsor says, to answer ” the black’s life also is a life ” protest an activity, of new design ” ensign ” in, the blue of former ensign top left corner reachs five-pointed star design, be replaced ” delegate black ” black, design instead cries ” graceful Buddhist nun ” cartoon character, stripe of red white alternate with changes for ” Huang Bai stripe ” .

Design draft says, this cries ” graceful Buddhist nun ” figure, indicative United States ” justice, solidarity, fearless ” new era kisses a girl, and yellow white stripe, mix implied meaning joy, actively up be full of wisdom.

Picture intercept from ” Change.org “

Additional, since had ” new ensign ” , that original United States national anthem ” the Stars and the Stripes ” with respect to be unworthy of the name or the title. Author proposal, ought to press ” new ensign ” match colors, the work that chooses a black to shed · of at present of travel singer dimension to block profit way ” black with yellow ” as new generation ” national anthem ” .

Up to before distributing news dispatches, this proposal had gathered the support of 1 million netizen. Show according to the page, this petitionary target number is 1.5 million.

This ” ensign of modification national anthem ” be not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors. On June 19, american national anthem ” the Stars and the Stripes ” Francis is in speech writer of san Francisco statuary, be overturned by remonstrant. 24 days, yahoo music edits forest Sai Pake says in article of a column, american national anthem ” the Stars and the Stripes ” contain ” apparent ” racialism colour, “The likelihood is moment changed it ” .

Remonstrant thinks Francis ever supported slavery, in the national anthem words of song that he writes, that ” the slave that those nowhere hide, mercenary, will escape hard to fail and die ” , it is to be in ” discrimination is servile ” , contain colonial colour.

Graph source: Blessing Ke Sixin hears the 8th channel

Accordingly, whether to because not,want the behavior before Langxisisheng, and this controversy libretto and change national anthem, ensign, became a on American gregarious network popular topic.

Nevertheless, the author interviewed a few friends that come from the United States, afore-mentioned that gives out ” ensign draft ” proposal, it is likely very ” string together instead black ” .

“Ensign ” in be called that ” graceful Buddhist nun ” cartoon figure, the cartoon that out United States distributed 2004 ” bad child diary ” (Diary Of A Wimpy Kid) . In the book, graceful Buddhist nun is one each illicit, grumpy ” ursine child ” , ceng Yin opens gas valve to quarrel with family, differ light of house of name a person for a particular job.

Accordingly, be in the United States inferior in culture, “Graceful Buddhist nun ” often also be used at pointing to era irresponsible, capricious and be ” gigantic baby ” . This just is the evaluation that a lot of United States standpatter discriminate against remonstrant to be being turned over currently.

Graph source: Website of Fan Dengshu house

The author does not know couplet arrange support changes this 1 million person of ensign national anthem, how many person knows ” graceful Buddhist nun ” the implied meaning, also cannot they join textual criticism the motive of couplet arrange, it is to sneer at the United States is current remonstrant, but look in the speech of gregarious network from a lot of United States netizens, this is initiated or have temperature quite.

Someone says: “Change one side new ensign, stride toward right way namely ” .

More general play a way, it is intended an American ensign and this ” graceful Buddhist nun ensign ” put one case, sneer at bumblingly the Stars and the Stripes, cull phrases but not meaning goes boast ” graceful Buddhist nun ensign ” .

Nevertheless, also somebody is opposite this ” change ensign orgiastic ” expressed dissatisfaction, this netizen says ” you would rather be participated in ‘ become with graceful Ni Qi ensign ‘ this kind of dull draft resolution, also do not help the person that has need truly, I can go your! I can go your!!

The speech as a result of these netizens too ” priggish ” , do so that passerby does not know this is their true opinion, pure still joking.

Look in the author, this kind of strange predicament, also be the portraiture of state of mind of American part remonstrant. As protest spread and broaden the scope, they had not known what they should support, what to object, they want exclusively to do, be in namely from numerous orgiastic go up with the way that seeks new topic be kept constantly on the run.

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