Imprint Ba Bian condition transmits artillery shell of concentrated firearm sound to aim at Yin Jun to firing this is pair of madcap penalty


Imprint Ba Bian condition transmits artillery shell of concentrated firearm sound to aim at Yin Jun to firing this is pair of madcap penalty

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From Indian one-sided the change imprints since accusing Kashmir area condition, of India and Pakistan fight with respect to all the more frequent. But as a result of before paragraph time India home produces disturbance, and erupt the problem such as serious a plague of locusts, india is active the relation of alleviation and Pakistan, still offer even with cling to just answer a plague of locusts jointly. However, when phasic in a way of home stability comes down, india began to initiate again provoke.

According to Russian TASS the report says, india and Pakistan leave in Kashmir area again hit, imprint Ba Bian condition transmits concentrated firearm sound. It is reported, indian army was in Kashmir area on March 17 above all start shooting the first gun, use heavy-duty weapon to firing to Pakistan, cling to square 20 years old of soldiers suffer bombard be killed in battle. The analysis says, current a plague of locusts and virus of new-style coronal shape are in Pakistan domestic indulge in wilful persecution, india is in open hostilities without declaring war of this vital link to cling to just firing, it is to be in undoubtedly hit a person when he is down, loot a burning house. And last year India also will be active October in border land to cling to just firing, cause a Ba Jun’s soldier and 3 civilian death. Ba Fangjun team undertook striking back immediately at that time, beat dead 9 Indian soldiers. But India however evil person brings a lawsuit against first, censure cling to just violate cease-fire agreement, allege imprint square martial action is ” be forced ” backstroke.

Be worth what carry is, imprint every time almost cling to fighting is by imprint just instigate, but be hit a bloody nose and a swollen facely however every time. Last year March, india dispatchs Pakistan of air attack of cross the boundary illegally of several opportunity for combat, but met with the directly crackdown of Pakistan air force. Ba Jun not only down Yin Jun opportunity for combat, and return captive an India air man. Concern for insecurity of alleviation two countries, avoid conflict to upgrade in the round, pakistan remanded actively this India air man. However, india is disregarded not only cling to square peaceful sincerity, think this is instead in humiliate India, make disturbance in Kashmir area continuously, instigate crankily conflict. Face Indian army to be provoked this, pakistan army organized force quickly to undertake violent strike back, aim at artillery shell Yin Jun to firing directly, force Yin Juncang anxiety to change position. Cling to just express, this is madcap to its penalty. Because the front is at war not one-up, india does it in the dark to Pakistan.

The statement that published on March 18 according to bureau of Pakistan army news says, imprinting cling to fight the following day, cling to after secure armed forces receives information, blocked ” terrorist ” the area of conceal, spread out with its intense fight. There are 7 in fight ” terrorist ” be beaten dead, have 4 cling to secure unit staff dies in fight. Will look according to finite spot video, what these terrorist use is the AK-47 that Indian army equips in great quantities as before and uses, rifle grenade and accurate fire musket. And in light of the expression from this conflict both sides, cling to just was this to come up against good crop apparently, although its beat dead 7 ” terrorist ” , but one’s own side also be killed in battle member of 4 secure armed forces, this shows adversary is well-trained, and having rich actual combat experience, this is general terrorist by no means.

In light of current condition, if these terrorist are confirmed,won Indian respect groom, flat perhaps it is the work with him dry India, pakistan raises vigilance with respect to need, because India is mixed,is the contradiction that cannot mediate on Kashmir problem between Pakistan. Want to know, india wants to become the world big state of vivid and dramatic all the time, and area of overall control Kashmir is the most crucial one annulus. But because India is in-house contradiction is fascicular however, difference of the rich and the poor expands increasingly, plus answer not do one’s best of the situation of a disaster, mo Di government is trying to conflict through instigating, it is to make a war change domestic people line of vision even. Below this kind of circumstance, pakistan promotes in the round with respect to need defence and strike back ability, otherwise if may eat to have a deficit greatly.

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