Why does hospital of United States be askinged appear: of expert of liberation army of this kind of phenomenon? Annulus ń dainty?


Why does hospital of United States be askinged appear: of expert of liberation army of this kind of phenomenon? Annulus ń dainty?

CCTV news channel ” news 1+1 ” in the program, pine of compere white cliff connects total hospital of group leader of group of expert of ahead of army of line aid another name for Hubei province, liberation army to breathe division expert Liu to could there be again, the cure progress that helps Hubei medical team with respect to army undertakes unscrambling.

In program of military diagnosis and treatment, emphasize antibody ” golden standard ” detect. Liu Youning expresses, be sure nucleic acid detects above all is a very important step. But the essence that nucleic acid detects just discovers where virus is. Virus has active, having infectivity do not know. Strictly speaking, nucleic acid detects masculine gender does not prove even if affect. As the extension of epidemic situation, actually we had discovered individual and healthy person carries virus.

Antibody is virus is for certain there, and the reaction that causes the whole body. So antibody heighten, showing host is to have infection really. Of course antibody has IgM and IgG. This kind of antibody produces IgG later, but hypothesis has the change with fourfold fourfold perhaps heighten two weeks later, this patient is can of diagnose. Others cannot overthrow this kind is diagnosed, so we diagnose this kind call ” golden standard ” .

But this is diagnosed also have drawback, it often reviews a gender, come on two Zhou Houcai discovery. Because this nucleic acid detects,still be very important.

Why is beautiful state-owned youth going to enter does ward die of illness inside 48 hours? Liberation army expert: Do not have law explanation, this kind of phenomenon is in China very scarce

In the program, white cliff loose query says, the easy feeling crowd that mentions between the plan of diagnosis and treatment of the army, 19 years old have 2.1% only below, why to want to pay close attention to easy feeling crowd, are you to the base of the conclusion that in what kind of investigates build?

Liu Youning expresses, this is not the research result of ourselves, be our country CDC circulate air (namely epidemiology is investigated) result, when publishing this article at that time, had had 40 thousand much patient, this is a very big sample book, such statistic rise to won’t have deviation, average to this disease easy feeling crowd (problem) very important, old age is sent more, the result is die in one’s bed rate is high, this old age is original we are not very senile societies, this follows population structure is abhorrent much hair, especially 19 years old of the following age group have 2.1% only come on, and 9 years old of the following children had not reported almost die (case of illness) .

He expresses, some experts think this follows children to be concerned to the exposure of virus, this I am different idea, although children often does not go into the street, but he has this disease the family gathers come on, a few are gotten, if be the word that the family comes on, children is atttacked the most easily, should be virus has a difference to the affinity of cell of different crowd target substantially so, just can cause such. Of course, in SARS when, we saw such pattern, this virus has the likeness of 80% to spend than SARS after all, also behaved this rule I feel understandable.

But, these two days I see again in new York a Chinese Director ICU, his report says to have in new York more than young him patient walks into ward, but 48 died of illness in the hour, this I do not have method explanation, this kind of phenomenon is in our country is very scarce, why can the United States appear this kind of phenomenon, be virus has distinction? We do not know, it is OK that everybody pays close attention to.

Why doesn’t plan of legionary diagnosis and treatment make new hat pneumonic and cry ” is virus of new-style coronal shape ill ” ? Liberation army expert gives out explanation

Pine of compere white cliff is mentioned, since epidemic situation is eruptive, national Wei Jian appoint release ” virus of new-style coronal shape is pneumonic plan of diagnosis and treatment ” already ” iteration ” 7 edition, and plan of legionary diagnosis and treatment also issued two edition, both sides has consistent place, what at the same time also detail goes up is different. In plan of legionary diagnosis and treatment why its are asymmetry ” new coronal is pneumonic ” , and call its ” is virus of new-style coronal shape ill ” ?

Liu Youning expresses, above all, national diagnosis and treatment went to very main effect since plan, military program basically consults national plan is made, but be in learned, military program has different point of view. In nominally, “National plan ” be called it ” new coronal is pneumonic ” , we (military program) it is to cry ” virus of new-style coronal shape is ill ” , did not cry pneumonic.

Reason is very simple, but also be very sufficient: The first reason is, have quite one part patient is done not have pneumonic, be equivalent to the light disease patient in national plan namely, its definition is done not have namely pneumonic. So, a lot of patient is done not have pneumonic still cry pneumonic, this is improper; The 2nd reason is, new coronal virus encroachs lung not just, it violates the whole body, have a lot of internal organs of the body also be put into trouble, also be gradually beyond lung discover virus.

The most typical, be in cadaver check when the be put into trouble that sees milt, medullary, lymph node is the most serious, can find normal lymphocyte rarely even, this hints its cellular immunity function is not general drop, if this kind of condition falls to still weigh its,be pneumonic, it is improper apparently. If call ” ill ” or ” ask for integratedly ” , may betterer.

Liu Youning continues to say, in English and Chinese to this disease it is two kinds make a way. “We admit English WHO (World Health Organization) ‘ COVID-19 ‘ , but we still call Chinese ‘ new coronal is pneumonic ‘ , I feel is not very appropriate. My individual thinks, on public media, everybody made be used to, still can make new hat pneumonic; But go up in academic literary works, on official style, my individual thinks to should change the world to unite a name. To the essence of the disease, have comprehensive, exact report. Have comprehensive, exact report..

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